Sample Chapters

Table of Contents

Chapter 4 – True Light, or False?

Spiritual light vs. spiritual darkness. Historical overview and word study of the Greek word translated light in the bible – “phos”. Are you a deep thinker? This will appeal to you especially. Interesting consideration of how Satan comes as an angel of light.

Chapter 9 – Visions, Siddhis and the Priesthood of the Magus

Shows how occultism leads all practitioners down the same path, whether in yoga (which is Hinduism), charismatic/contemplative/”prophetic” Christianity, or magic. They seek the development of supernatural gifts such as seeing angels and developing prophetic powers. This is a careful and eye-opening explanation of the occult road.

Chapter 15 – The Pursuit of Prophetic Authority

Shows how seeking after prophetic and healing gifts is typically occult. Comparison with Shamanism, Mormonism and Islam; we see that the pot is calling the kettle black. Examination of the necromantic practices of some of the “prophets” so widely acclaimed among charismatic Christians.

Other chapters: we urge you to purchase the book to obtain the surprising, complete and biblically true picture in this thorough exploration of spiritual practices.  True to His Ways is inexpensive (the author is selling below cost), full of insights, and important to pass along!  All will benefit from this book, even those not involved in charismatic, contemplative or mystic Christianity, as it helps in understanding what others are going through (often suffering), and what pure, safe, biblical spirituality really is.

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