Preface to download edition of 2009

Four years after the first publication of True to His Ways, I had cause to review it while preparing the download edition. In so doing I am struck by several things. For one, the originality of my research and the significance of what I learned were brought home to me again. An enlightening discovery was how all occultists, as they advance in their spiritual practices and understanding, follow very similar paths, and come to believe similar things about God and about themselves, though couched in different terminology. The similarities are consistent and profound. Fortunately this means that the discerning observer can recognize occultism, even when couched in Christian terminology. This book needed to be written to explain the signs and markers of occult practice so people are armed against deception, and also to warn of the dangers.

There may be an initial experience of “baptism” or “uprising”, quite different from the simple act of placing faith in Jesus through hearing the word, which tempts people to further explorations of occult spirituality. There may be very real experiences of  a “spirit” that seems good and holy because it generates loving, charitable feelings—so we think it must be the Holy Spirit. Then the occult path often leads on to developing prophetic arts that are really no more than exercises in divination, and to such things as “developing spiritual eyes” to see angels and demons. In some cases claims are made to miracles typical of Indian gurus, such as materializing ashes, or gold dust—or even levitation; I recently learned from a reader in Scotland that a Church pastor says he is levitating during occult spiritual encounters; not that he calls them occult, of course—he says they are Christian encounters with the God of the Bible. Many such claims are now made in greater Christendom. Therefore people need to understand how to differentiate between what is true and what is occult.

It occurs to me that I should explain that I do not naively accept all the claims of occultists, though I may not expressly say so. I do believe that Satan can work miracles on earth because I have seen them, and so have others who are credible, as quoted in the book. (William Tyndale, who gave us our English Bible, was of the view that God permits miracles to confirm a false faith to those who do not love the truth—this was his commentary on 2 Thessalonians 2). However, I do not believe occultists are, as they often claim, actually “seeing” angels and demons. If they really believe this, then I fear they have fallen under the powerful influence of deceiving spirits, which have gained access to their minds through occult practice.

………..continued in 2009 download edition.


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