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True To His Ways: Purity & Safety in Christian Spiritual Practice

Table Of Contents


  1. The Wondering Never Ceased
  2. Enchantments of the Serpent God
  3. Jerks, Kriyas and Manifestations
  4. True Light, or False?
  5. Wrong Ways to Seek God; the Pursuit of Presence and Power
  6. Right Ways to Seek God; the Entrance of His Words Brings Light
  7. Occult Thinking
  8. Will the Real Sorcerer Please Stand Up?
  9. Visions, Siddhas and the Priesthood of the Magus
  10. For the Love of God
  11. For the Love of Satan
  12. The Force with Us
  13. Desolations of the Force
  14. Gold Dust and Ashes
  15. The Pursuit of Prophetic Authority
  16. The Pursuit of Spiritual Authority
  17. Boxes, Babies and Bath Water
  18. Understanding Spiritual Adultery
  19. Weapons of Mass Seduction
  20. Killing Us Softly, With His Song
  21. A Pure and Spotless Bride



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