1. We believe in One God, a trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who is supremely powerful and who created the universe, Heaven and Earth, and every thing in the universe, Heaven and Earth.

2. We believe that God alone is good and just and He is pure goodness and justice; and that His goodness and justice are both revealed to men and commanded of men in His moral law, the Ten Commandments, as more fully explained by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.

2. We believe God’s moral law is spiritual and eternal and will never pass away; and His laws and all of His Word was fulfilled in and perfectly performed by Jesus for the imputed righteousness of those who trust in Him so that they will not have to bear the penalty for their own unrighteousness.

3. We believe the Bible—that is, the original Scriptures in their original languages—to be God’s Word to fallen men and women; they are His revelation of His mind, laws, righteousness and will, which are all men need for wisdom in this life; and they give limited understanding of certain heavenly affairs; and they also reveal the way of salvation through Messiah Jesus to those who are able to hear.

4. We believe God’s Word to be the truth, the only truth, and nothing but the truth; and we believe truth is spiritually discerned; and we believe the Holy Spirit Himself teaches and guides those who seek to understand truth, as Jesus promised.

5. We believe that through sin men and women are spiritually dead and dying and in this state they are alienated from God’s Word and from His law which, if they but knew it, are life and joy for them; and men will not and cannot hear the Word or obey God’s law without His own supernatural action upon their souls to give them the gift of faith and write His laws upon their hearts; and, further, the gift of faith saves men and women from eternal separation from God after bodily death—which state of separation is in the Scriptures referred to as “hell”, “the second death”, and a place of torment.

6. We believe that saving faith consists in being sovereignly led to cleave unto Messiah Jesus as the way, the truth and the life; and through growing faith we increasingly esteem ourselves less and Jesus more; and for our very lives we place our faith in Jesus’ righteousness, His strength and His obedience on our behalves, for He was obedient unto death and bore the penalty for our sinfulness, folly and disobedience; and further, as we grow in faith we are, by grace, increasingly transformed into Jesus’ likeness although we will remain plagued by sin, temptation, folly and unbelief so long as we are in the flesh.

7. We believe that at the end of this age Jesus will return to Earth in bodily form at which time every eye will see Him and all will know who He is, who His servants are, and that all His judgments are just.

8. We believe that the end of the age will come when all children of truth have been brought into the fold and the cup of disobedience and apostasy of man is full. Scriptures also teach that some visions and prophecies are sealed up (that is, closed to man’s understanding) until the end, or closer to the end.

9. We believe that after the end of the age God will create a new heavens and a new Earth and all will be as one; and in the new heavens and the new Earth there will be no more sin and no more tears, the lion will lie with the lamb; and the faithful will be with Jesus in a state of eternal goodness, peace and joy of which no heart can yet conceive.

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Baruch House Publishing, 2007

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