Ruth Davis, B.A. LL.B., is an accomplished lawyer, author, and speaker. [Update: Ruth retired from the practice of law in July, 2009, to devote herself fully to writing and research - in particular the study of the Reformation, Early Modern English, and the Matthew Bible - and to working in the New Matthew Bible Project. The Matthew Bible was the first printed English Bible translated from the original tongues (as to William Tyndale's portion), and which, as A. S. Herbert wrote in his Historical Catalogue of Printed Bibles, English, is the "primary version" of our English Bible, upon which all others were based. Ruth is acting as editor to update the spelling and grammar of the Matthew Bible. Information, and how to buy TYNDALE'S NEW TESTAMENT, completed in March 2016, are at the New Matthew Bible Project website.]

After coming to faith in 1998 Ruth spent her first years as a believer in a charismatic church, where she believed God was powerfully present with her congregation, working through anointed leaders. She was never completely happy about the more extreme “manifestations” during worship and prayer, but learned to tolerate them. Especially important to her were the times when church leaders called for the powerful, loving presence of God and all present were touched and moved. However, as she grew in understanding of the Bible she began to discern problems with the teaching, which seemed shallow and, sometimes, unbiblical. She developed a hunger for deep, true preaching.

Then a surprising discovery set Ruth on a prayerful search for answers to serious questions about how to seek and commune with God, how to test the spirits and how to identify the coming of Satan as an angel of light. She learned that what charismatics do is occult, and is really no different that what occultists in other faiths do, especially in Hindu yoga. She learned how to draw the line between what is occult and what is godly. By practicing godly ways she came to experience abiding spiritual peace and safety. Things changed, and much for the better. Ruth writes, "I felt like Josiah who rediscovered the Law as I began to understand the full import of God's injunction against the occult and His hatred of spiritual adultery. I praised Him as I grew in understanding about true Christian spiritual practice and experienced the fruits of it in my own life."

Then she realized she needed to make her findings known, to benefit others. At that time there was no book whatsoever teaching about the link between yoga and charismatic practices, although she is grateful to Dave Hunt because he touched upon the link with the yoga shaktipat experience and the charismatic "slain in the spirit" experience in one of his books; this spurred her to do some follow up research. And Ruth found only one, obscure website where a concerned individual showed how yoga and charismatic manifestations were identical. Also, she could find nothing, in her extensive reading, that taught how to distinguish between what is occult from what is biblical. Ruth was concerned about these lacks. After much prayer, and although she knew it would be a challenge to research, write and publish while also running a busy legal practice, she undertook the project. The result was this book, published at her own expense, in January 2006.

Ruth was the first to publish a book focused on explaining the link between yoga and charismatic practices, and to clearly identify yoga as occult. In True to His Ways she shows beyond a doubt that yoga practices - shakitpat, manifestations, etc. - and the practices of charismatics such as being slain in the spirit, and the so-called Holy Spirit manifestations, are one and the same. Since publication Ruth has been happy to see that others have taken up the cause, published books and DVD's, and have posted information on their websites, so that this information is now more widely available to the public.

Moses spoke to the Israelites words that remain true for all today, warnings about the need for care and purity in spiritual practice. "All of you," said Moses, "stand today before the Lord your God: your leaders and your tribes and your elders and your little ones and your wives - also the stranger - [and] enter into His that there may not be among you man or woman or family or tribe, whose heart turns away from the Lord our God, to go and serve the gods of these nations, and that there may not be among you a root bearing bitterness or wormwood..." (see Deuteronomy 29:10-29) Indeed, bitterness will in the end come to those who depart from God's ways, but blessings and peace to those who find and follow them - not as the world gives, but soul-deep and abiding.

We do not promise prosperity, for that is a false gospel. We do not promise freedom from worldly troubles or godly trials. But we do promise the heart-felt joy and peace that come from walking in God's will. We promise the certainty that comes from knowing that all your spiritual practices are safe and pleasing to almighty God, sweet sacrifices acceptable to Him. All this the author learned and experienced during her work, and she longs to share with others.

Therefore, we pray God will use Ruth's book to bless many: Christians who are serious about seeking and doing God's will; Charismatics who despair about the multitude of problems, losses and even demonic attacks that trouble them and their families; and also precious seekers from other faiths.


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