True To His Ways: Purity & Safety in Christian Spiritual Practice


  Table of Contents
      Chapter 4 - True Light, or False?
      Chapter 9 - Visions, Siddhis and the Priesthood of the Magus
    Chapter 15 - The Pursuit of Prophetic Authority

In times past, the God of Israel set in place certain ways for His people to seek and commune with Him. And, He forbade other ways; in particular, He forbade occult practices. 

God's commands for spiritual practice are as important for Christians today as they were for the Jews under the Old Covenant. All believers need to understand the difference between godly and occult spiritual practice. However teaching in this area, if you can find it, is weak and incomplete. 

True to His Ways fills the gap. This important book provides a compassionate, in-depth survey of Bible teachings on the occult and shows how to distinguish true Christianity from counterfeit Christianity.  It shows us how to spot a false teacher and how to test the spirits. It thoughtfully explores many questions, such as:

  • What is true godly spiritual practice?
  • Why does God forbid occult practices?
  • What does the Bible mean, that Satan comes as an angel of light?
  • How can we tell the difference between Satan and the true light of Jesus?
  • Does the Holy Spirit ask us to open up and submit to Him?
  • Why does the anointing seem to remain with leaders who fall into sin?
  • What is spiritual adultery, really?
  • What is the difference between true prophecy and occult prophecy?
  • When does spiritual warfare become occult?
  • What about spiritual drunkenness?

What are some conclusions reached by Ruth Davis in the course of her careful research? By quoting worshipers of Egyptian gods, Satanists and mystic Islamists ("Sufis"), she shows that spiritual drunkenness is a frequent experience in other religions. By quoting teachers of occult Hindu yoga, she shows how manifestations like trembling, weeping and laughing are also part of their experiences, as well as powerful, soul-enhancing experiences of supernatural love and prophetic gifts. She concludes that one can, of course, know and experience true gifts from God, but that there are extremely deceptive counterfeits which come through occult practices.

As Ruth delves ever more deeply into the teaching and practices of the nations we are brought face-to-face with the startling works of ancient magicians who practiced occult spiritual warfare and prophesied, believing their practices were biblical. She explains that many well-intentioned persons fall into occult practices without realizing the forbidden and dangerous nature of their activities. She warns, "If experiencing manifest presence is the goal of a religious practice, it is occult. If a spirit manifests, it is occult spirit." She warns that it is through experiences like this that Satan seizes the opportunity to come as an angel of light.

Clearly, the Christian who wants to ensure his or her spiritual practices are godly, safe and true needs to know where to draw the line. This book is the only one we know of that clearly explains what are occult practices, and what are true Christian practices. It is a "must-read" for every serious student of the Bible, and important teaching for every believer. 

Table Of Contents Chapter 4 Chapter 9 Chapter 15
  True Light, or False? Visions, Siddhis and the Priesthood of the Magus The Pursuit of Prophetic Authority

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