BOOK REVIEW by K. Jentoft

I am a refugee from the Charismatic movement. I was born into and spent nearly 30 years of my life in the mystical culture and worldview Ruth Davis describes in her book, True to His Ways - Purity and Safety in Christian Spiritual Practice.

Ruth does a great job explaining the mindset of one who is pursuing this movement. She also documents a path out of mystical Christianity to the freedom that can be found in the simple and objective gospel of cold sober history.

In her book, Ruth compares and contrasts "Christian mysticism" and Eastern spiritual practices. She presents compelling evidence that the "new” Christian innovations being taught and pursued in Charismatic revivals and churches are in reality a repackaging of mystical techniques that have seduced humankind for thousands of years. She goes beyond simply considering the techniques themselves and also compares the "fruit" or outcomes of these techniques, comparing the Christian with the pagan: Ironically, the effects on the followers are the same.

Obviously, questions are raised such as "Are these techniques positive, neutral, or destructive?" "Does the Bible address these practices?" "What are Christians to do?" Ruth proceeds to answer these questions. In reading her book I found a kindred fellowship with her as she documents leaving the morass of mysticism and finding true and eternal freedom of the God of scripture and His wonderful gospel. We learn that spiritual authority is not composed of some mystical power but is found in the certain words of the Son, Jesus, who spoke to us the very words of the Father. This sinless Man died with the promise to us of eternal life: He died for our sins and was raised again to prove His promise true. He is God incarnate and now sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven.

K. Jentoft

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