Have you ever wondered about charismatic practices like "soaking in the spirit"? About troubling manifestations? Do not ignore your concerns. "Soaking" is an occult practice, identical to those found in Yoga and other religions. It can be pleasant, even ecstatic. It appears to awaken love and other spiritual gifts. But it is Satan's deceptive counterfeit of communion with the living God. It is unbiblical and unfaithful. Charismatic manifestions are common to kundalini yoga and other Eastern religious practices.

Understand the dangers of things like soaking, certain types of "prophesying", and spiritual drunkenness. Identify practices that masquerade as Christianity but are occult. Satan comes as an angel of light. Read the book that is now recognized across the world, researched and written by a lawyer who was a charismatic follower as a new believer, and understands the deception: -

TRUE TO HIS WAYS: Purity & Safety in Christian Spiritual Practice - Award winning. The 1st and best book linking Yoga (Hinduism) and Charismatic practices. The only book that clearly distinguishes occult from biblical spirituality, so believers can confidently avoid it.

WHY DOES GOD FORBID THE OCCULT? How can we recognize the occult? An objective test is needed. TAKE HEED: The Charismatic prophetic "movement", the Toronto Blessing, the Lakeland Revival, and similar "movements" are occult in nature, practice and effect. True to His Ways discusses the spiritual manifestations. It also shows how proponents of such movements follow similar paths for development of occult powers (opening spiritual eyes, seeing angels, prophesying, etc) as do followers of yoga, shamanism, and pagan religions. This is an enlightening resource that proves the occult nature of such pursuits. See Sample Chapter Nine


True To His Ways


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LETTER: "I want to commend you for the outstanding job of research you did. I'm quite amazed at your grasp of the similarities between occult practice and Toronto Blessing style manifestations. Your extensive quotations coupled with your own personal experience in the movement result in a book that ought to be widely read. The whole movement toward experience-oriented Christianity rather than truth orientation signals a great danger to the Church." Eric E. Wright, author of Strange Fire, also about the Toronto Blessing.

True to His Ways has been voted one of the top ten non-fiction books published in 2006 by !Alarma! Standard.

Reviewed by: Jackie Alnor "This is the most complete analysis of the manifestations of the so-called Toronto Blessing (TB) I have ever read - and I think I've read just about all..."

Recommended by: Deception in the Church Ministries "Do we fully understand about spiritual adultery?"

Reviewed by Cassandrah Batya: "a must-read book. Ms. Davis, a former charismatic follower, has compiled an incredible amount of research on the correlation between the charismatic faith, the occult and eastern religions [including yoga]...Chapter 6, 'Right Ways to Seek God: The Entrance of His Words Brings Light,' is my favorite chapter for its simplicity and beauty..."

Reviewed by K. Jentoft:"I am a refugee from the Charismatic movement. I was born into and spent nearly 30 years of my life in the mystical culture and worldview Ruth Davis describes in her book, True to His Ways - Purity and Safety in Christian Spiritual Practice..."

Letter and Testimony: This is one of the most informative and correct sites I have come across. I left the occult about 2 years ago... Posted with permission.

Letter and testimony from a reader - "I read your wonderful, informative and riveting book. I couldn’t put it down…I had been searching for answers for 12 years regarding unusual and supernatural experiences that happened to me a long time ago and I think I may have found the answer in your book…" Posted with permission.

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 Table of Contents
    Chapter 4 - True Light, or False?
    Chapter 9 - Visions, Siddhis and the Priesthood of the Magus
  Chapter 15 - The Pursuit of Prophetic Authority

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